Traveler’s Herbal Tea Emergency Kit


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Travelers Herbal Tea and Formula Emergency Kit. This kit is especially created to give the traveler herbal solutions that may not be readily available to them in certain areas.

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16 in stock

Travelers Herbal Tea and Formula Emergency Kit.

Kit Contains:

1.Castor Oil .15 fl oz

2. Coconut Oil .15 oz

3.Activated Charcoal .50 oz

4.Chilcuague Root

5.Oregano .50 oz

6.Guava Leaf  .50 oz

7.Cayenne .15 oz

8.BaoBab .15oz

9. Moringa Seeds 5

10.Moringa Powder .25 oz

11.Cardamom .25 oz

12.Butterfly Pea & Lavender .25oz

13.Turmeric .25 oz

14.Creosote Bush .25

15.Ginger .25

16.Bonduc .25

17.Cinnamon .25

18.Lemon Oil .05 fl oz

19. Lavender Oil .05 fl oz

Before buying or taking a Herbal Tea or dietary supplement, talk with a health care professional—such as your doctor, nurse, registered dietician, or pharmacist—about the benefits and risks.

Many Herbals Teas And supplements contain ingredients that can have strong effects in the body. Additionally, some supplements can interact with medications, interfere with lab tests, or have dangerous effects during surgery. Your health care professional can help you decide what supplement, if any, is right for you.

When taking dietary supplements, be alert to the possibility of a bad reaction or side effect (also known as an adverse event).

Problems can occur especially if you:

  • Combine supplements.
  • Mix medicines and supplements.
  • Take too much of some supplements.
  • Take supplements instead of medications.
  • Pregnant or Lactating
  • Under the age of Two
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